Meet Our Team

The Rock House Financial Team

Our team consists of four Utah CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners, as well as other financial services professionals.

Bob Aamodt, CFP®, MBA

Bob Aamodt, CFP®, MBA is the founder of Rock House Financial. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner with over 21 years’ experience as a professional financial advisor, he is well known for his deep expertise, integrity, and client accountability.

Nicole Roberts, CFP®

Nicole Roberts, CFP®, is a financial planner for widows of business owners. Having helped many of her clients who are the surviving spouses of a deceased business owner, she is the voice of clarity for women and men confronted by the gargantuan task of unwinding a business left by their spouse.

Zach Nelson, CFP®, MBA

As a financial advisor for social media influencers, Zach Nelson, CFP®, MBA is the first line of defense for these entrepreneurs.

Rhett Sorensen, CFP®

As a financial advisor, Rhett works hard to bring clients peace of mind by guiding them through complex retirement decisions, tax saving strategies, and cash flow planning, to name a few. While Rhett loves strategies that improve a client’s ability to reach desired outcomes, he especially loves to help clients save money on taxes!

Summer Parry, CFP®

Growing up in a large family, with financially astute parents, Summer learned the importance of money management at a young age. In her college years, she initially pursued a degree in nursing, but quickly realized she excelled at finance much more than chemistry.

Ryan Anderson

Ryan grew up in a home where playing sports was a major part of his life. He worked at the local physical therapy clinic in Bountiful, Utah and fell in love with giving advice that could help relieve pain. After returning from a mission to Manchester, England he started to feel that he gravitated more toward finance rather than the medical field.

Antonio Montes De Oca

Antonio has been motivated since he was a child to learn all things personal finance not only for himself but for the eventual benefit of others. When Antonio learned of the financial advisor career in his financial literacy class in High School something clicked.

Jackson Hansen

After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a kid, Jackson gravitated toward the field of Endocrinology in wanting to help individuals struggling with diabetes. He has always been analytically minded, though, and soon learned that the medical path was not for him. Financial planning was introduced to him through a family friend, and he has since become passionate about helping others achieve their financial goals in life.