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Helping You Get There Faster

A good income doesn’t guarantee lifelong financial security.  To turn your income into sustainable wealth, you need to be disciplined, make good financial decisions consistently, and avoid big financial mistakes.

That’s not always easy amid busy lives.  You need help staying focused on the big picture so your big goals don’t get sacrificed for the smaller, less important matters we all deal with on a daily basis.  That’s why we founded Rock House.

Rock House Financial, named after and residing in a historic Rock House in Farmington, was created specifically to help you achieve your life goals.

How do we do it?

  • Intensive financial planning, to help you chart a course to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles along the way
  • Integrated tax and estate planning, to help you pay less in taxes whenever possible
  • In-house investment management using evidence-based strategies, to keep your money working for you
  • Strategies to maximize one-time events, such as the sale of a business or other large asset, pension buyouts, or stock options
  • Ongoing, extensive education and coaching to help you avoid the money mistakes that most people naturally fall prey to

The result?  A full-service, local team that’s got the expertise and experience to help you reach your goals.

Local Experts, That Work for You

You need all the resources possible to get you on track for your best future, but you also probably want a local, personal firm that is there when you need them.

At Rock House Financial, we bring you that combination so you don’t have to compromise.

With us, it’s all personal. We’re frequently hand-delivering your tax forms to your CPA, for example, or coming to your home or office to meet to save you time.

But along with that, you get serious expertise and resources.  Our team has years of experience helping people like you achieve their goals. Our advisors are

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, meaning we have invested in the specialized training to earn the CFP® credential.

Doing Our Part

At Rock House Financial, we also know that it’s important to give back.  That’s why we support our local community.

Volunteering with

  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Junior League of Salt Lake City

Teaching at the University of Utah

Sponsoring local high school sports organizations

Pro bono financial planning with the Financial Planning Association

At Rock House Financial, the only economic indicators that matter are yours.

Ready to have a real conversation about your future?

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