Our Fees

We are a fee-only financial advisor in Davis County, Utah

Rock House Financial is a fee-only financial advisor in Davis County, Utah. We are solely compensated by a fee that is calculated as a percentage of the assets we manage for you. We do not accept commissions, referral fees, or other payments from anyone other than our clients; our sole duty is to you, our client. 

We are a Utah fiduciary financial advisor

We are proud to be a fiduciary financial advisor in Davis County. As fiduciaries, we are legally and ethically obligated to always advise what is in your best interest, not our own or anyone else’s.

As a Utah fiduciary financial advisor, we follow the fiduciary standard whose five principles are:

  • Put client’s interest first
  • Act with prudence
  • Provide full disclosure of all relevant information
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Disclose and fairly manage any conflicts of interest that do arise.

We hold the CFP® Designation

Each of our advisors, Bob, Nicole, Rhett, and Zachary, is a CFP® professional. They follow the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct which, “requires CFP® professionals to uphold the principles of integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, and confidentiality. They make a commitment to put their client’s interests first at all times when providing financial advice.”

Financial Planning and Investment Management

Assets Under Management
Annual Fee

$10 Million +


$2.5-$10 Million


$1- $2.5 Million


$250,001- $1 Million




Frequently Asked Questions about Fees

Do I need to sign a long-term contract to work with Rock House Financial?

Yes and no. We have a contract, but its main purpose is to give you a tool to hold us accountable; you can cancel your agreement at any time—with no cancellation fees, ever—by simply providing us with a 30-day notice. Although Rock House Financial does not charge a cancellation fee, account closing fees may be charged by the custodian of your investment account(s).

How difficult is it to switch from my current broker or financial advisor to Rock House Financial?

It’s not a difficult process, but there can be tax consequences if not handled correctly. If you’re interested in switching, please talk to us first. We can help manage the process so you can avoid any headaches or negative consequences. We can also help make the process less awkward for you. 

How are the fees paid?

Fees are automatically debited of your account on a quarterly basis by the custodian where your accounts are held. If we are unable to debit an account, we can send an invoice to be paid quarterly.

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