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Women control much of the wealth in today’s world, but most of the financial system is still catching up to that reality. Not Rock House, we’ve been helping women make the most of their money for years.

We also regularly help women in transition. Whether it’s a divorce, career change or loss of a spouse, we understand how tumultuous those times may be. All of us are subject to emotional mistakes during those stressful times. We’re here to help you carefully weigh your options and make smart choices that you won’t regret.

Client Story: Getting Back on Her Feet

Meet Amanda. Amanda is a Human Resources Manager at a successful software company. She’s recently divorced with two kids and a dog. Amanda’s current income is strong, but with the kids and their extremely busy lives, it seems that the money goes out as fast as it comes in. She also kept the house in the divorce settlement, but now wonders if that was smart. She has to worry about the mortgage, property taxes, insurance and maintenance on a now aging home.

She contributes to her 401(k) at work and has an emergency fund. But between the house, child care and everything else, she struggles to increase her savings.

She also seems to be paying a lot of taxes, and she wonders if she could be saving there. All of these factors make her feel disorganized financially, which adds stress to her already busy life.

When she first met with Rock House Financial, Amanda’s new advisor worked with her intensively up front to create a comprehensive financial plan. This plan helped Amanda build a road map and a clear plan of action. Over time, Rock House Financial helped her optimize various areas of her financial life:

Amanda had an outsize investment in her company stock, and then some of her other investments were also in technology (which she knew well). Rock House helped her diversify so she wouldn’t be put in a bad situation should her industry experience a downturn.
Amanda had some old debt left over from divorce expenses. Her advisor helped her move that to a low interest loan, and then pay it off, saving her significant amounts each month.
They worked on identifying ways she could save on taxes, which included establishing an IRA and Health Savings Account. The savings from these strategies was then used for her retirement investing, so she could get compound interest working in her favor.
Her advisor analyzed her insurance needs and helped adjust her policies since she had some excess coverage that was not needed.
They worked together to create an estate plan so that everything was in order in case something happened to Amanda.
They did some college planning and together with her ex, started 529 accounts for the kids.
Now, Amanda meets frequently with her advisor. She recently called her to ask for help with a mortgage refinance. But overall, Amanda is now organized and consistently seeing her net worth rise, which helps her feel more confident about the future.

The person and personal story depicted is fictitious but is based on actual client questions and scenarios.

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At Rock House Financial, we’re here to help you carefully weigh your options and make smart choices.

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