Comprehensive Services

We are a financial planner serving the Wasatch Front Range and beyond

As a financial planner in Davis County, Utah, financial planning and investment management are at the core of the value that we provide as a Utah financial advisor.

Financial planning: We will identify your major life goals and come up with a plan to leverage your assets to help achieve those milestones. Many of our clients are charitably-minded, and for them we use charitable giving and tax strategies to help them maximize their ability to give and make the impact they wish.

Investment management: We will manage your portfolio in accordance with your risk and return preferences, and help you navigate the ups and downs of the market. All of this is done with an eye towards minimizing the tax impact of any investment decisions.

Investments are managed using low-cost index funds. We did this to reduce overall fees to the client in the long term. We’d rather have you keep more of your return than pay high fees for the underlying investments we recommend.

Our Process

Getting started

    • Identifying and prioritizing your goals
    • Gathering your information such as net worth, cash flow, retirement and educational goals, etc.
    • Assessing risk and return preferences
    • Setting up online access

Developing a comprehensive financial plan

    • Analyzing and evaluating your assets
    • Strategizing and developing the initial plan which may include strategic asset allocation, integrated tax management, insurance and risk management, estate planning, and employee benefit maximization.
    • Meeting with you frequently (usually 3 to 6 times in a 2- to 3-month period depending on the complexity of your financial situation)


    • Implementing recommendations of your plan
    • Fine-tuning other areas
    • Meeting with other professionals periodically (accountant and attorney)

Ongoing Review

    • Looking for opportunities to save you taxes with smart tax and estate planning strategies
    • Checking in with you frequently to ensure your needs are being met across every aspect of your plan. And that you are on track for your goals
    • Monitoring any changes in the markets, tax laws, goals, or your life

We will meet with you as often as needed to address your needs:  either annually, twice a year or quarterly.  We’ll also provide you with a client dashboard to keep you updated 24/7 on any device. We know you’re busy so we’re happy to meet with you however is most convenient: online through a virtual meeting or at our offices. 

Services Provided

Investment Management
Financial Planning

• Mutual Funds
• Stock
• Bond
• Option Strategies
• Roth IRA
• Traditional IRA
• 401k and Profit Sharing
• Defined Benefit Plans
• Trust
• Brokerage Accounts
• Roth Conversions
• Rollovers and Consolidation
• Tax-Loss Harvesting
• Tax-Managed Investment Portfolios
• Socially Responsible Portfolios
• Sustainability Portfolios

• Retirement Planning
– Retirement Income Strategies
– Retirement Forecasting
– Social Security Analysis
– Health Care Planning
• Employee Benefits Analysis
– Stock Options
– Employee stock plans
– 401k
– Insurance benefits
• Pre and Post-Divorce Planning
• College Planning
• Debt Reduction
• Tax Strategies
• Cash Flow Analysis
• Asset Review and forecasting
• Insurance Evaluation
– Disability
– Life
—- Term
—- Whole Life
—- Universal Life
—- Group policies
– Long-Term Care
– Annuities
—- Variable
—- Fixed

• Wealth Transfer
– Inheritance
– Death of a family member
• Estate Planning
• Charitable Planning
• Donor Advised Funds
• Coordination with CPA and Attorney
• Planning for Small Business Owners
– Retirement plans
– Tax planning
– Exit strategies
– Insurance
– Buy-Sell Agreements

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