Who We Serve

Results-driven wealth management for busy people

We are a fee-only financial advisor in Utah, providing financial planning and advice for families, individuals, and business owners in Davis County, Utah and beyond. Learn the types of clients we specialize in serving:

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

We frequently help business owners and entrepreneurs with their unique challenges, including saving on taxes, saving for retirement, building their net worth, protecting their business and their family’s income. Learn more.


In the US, women control much of their family assets. However, many financial firms ignore that and instead cater to men. Not at Rock House Financial, we’ve been helping women from the start. Learn more.

Social Media Influencers

Twenty years ago, this wasn’t even a job title, but today, social media influencers are common and often very successful. Learn how we can help you address your unique challenges. Learn more.

Individuals and Families

We’ve been serving Utah families for over a decade. If you need help getting organized and prepared for your future, we can help. Our clients normally are busy families looking for clarity and progress toward their goals. Learn more.

Our services are designed to help you get organized financially….and get on track to achieve your big goals while you stay focused on your job and business.

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