Frequently Asked Questions

As our team consists of four financial advisors, if one of our advisors were unavailable and there were a pressing need, a teammate would fill in as a backup. Each advisor has a supporting analyst who is familiar with your case and can help with transactions, money movement, etc.

The custodian selected will keep physical custody of your assets, and they maintain robust security protocol to ensure assets are held safely. Client account statements from custodians will be sent directly to your email or your mailing address. Clients are encouraged to compare information provided in reports or statements received by our firm with the account statements received from their custodian for accuracy.

We encourage our clients to raise any questions with us about the custody, safety, or security of their assets.

Rock House maintains robust cybersecurity controls, including firewalls, early breach detection, penetration tests, network monitoring, staff training, and enforcement of our company cybersecurity policy.

Meeting frequency is determined as needed, annually at minimum. Most clients meet with us two to three times a year, either virtually or in person.

No. We are fee-only advisors and do not accept commissions, kickbacks, or referral fees. Our clients are the only ones who pay us.

We provide our clients with the investment information necessary to file your taxes, and will work with your CPA to ensure that it is represented correctly on your tax return. We do not prepare tax returns.

Though an in depth, consultative process, your investment portfolio and financial plan are customized to your situation based on individual characteristics, such as age, risk tolerance, income, and current assets, among others.

We are buy-and-hold investors. We don’t sell down to cash when the market gets volatile; we believe in staying the course. The decisions we make for clients are based upon our long term outlook for the market, your risk tolerance, and the blend of stocks, bonds, and cash that we have designed based upon your specific needs and preferences. We do not attempt to time the market, chase “hot” trends, or trade based upon short term movements because we do not believe it is possible to try to predict where the market will go with accuracy in such a case.

As CFP® certificants and members of industry organizations such as NAPFA and the FPA, we are obligated to meet continuing education requirements. We attend conferences and meet all CE requirements on an annual basis. We pursue learning independently as well, enriching our knowledge through podcasts, newsletters, and wealth management industry publications. In addition, we collaborate on cases to share our knowledge as a team.

We work with many clients virtually. Utah is our home base; however, we have clients all over the country. We are SEC registered and can work in any state where we are properly registered.