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Financial Planning

What is the best vehicle to use for charitable giving?

We comment quite a bit on charitable giving, as our mission is to inspire the charitably-minded to maximize their giving potential. One of the most …

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This blog addresses Utah’s pass-through entity tax; you’ll learn what it is, how it works, etc. Financial Planning

What you need to know about the Utah passthrough entity tax

The SALT cap became law in 2017, limiting state and local tax (SALT) deductions to $10,000 ($5,000 for married filing separately). This hit residents in …

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This blog talks about financial tips for new dads. Financial Planning

Financial tips for new dads

There are a variety of changes that come with being a new dad. Many you’ll never be able to prepare for in advance, while others …

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Buying annuities is a bad decision for a grieving widow; in this blog we discuss how to go about it in the right frame of mind. Financial Planning

Widows and annuities: 5 reasons you should think twice

As a financial advisor for widows, I am constantly hearing about widows being preyed upon in their moment of weakness by agents aggressively trying to …

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Financial Planning

A guide to financial planning for widows + financial checklist

Becoming a widow is something that few expect and nobody can truly prepare for. Especially if the loss was sudden, you may not know where …

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Business Owners

Should you hire an influencer marketing agency?

You started your Instagram page from your basement, pained for hours over getting just the right selfie and the best memes. Now after the blood, …

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This man is puzzled by the tax impact of selling a business. Financial Planning

Strategies for reducing tax impact when selling a business

Sale of a business for many people is the largest tax event they will ever realize over the course of their lives. In this article …

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This article talks about social media influencer financial tips. Business Owners

7 things social media influencers need to know about their money!

With the boom of internet platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, there has been a new career category begotten: the social media influencer. In …

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Losing a spouse is a traumatic and overwhelming event, especially if the spouse owned a business. Financial Planning

The complete guide to losing a spouse who owns a business

There’s no way to be fully prepared for a major life change such as the passing of a husband or wife. Most people don’t even …

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One Golden Question Shines Financial Planning

During Times Of Uncertainty, Focus On What You Can Control

Current headlines and news stories can be pretty discouraging. There is a lot of fear and worry about what the future holds for our world …

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Financial Planning Post-COVID COVID-19

Financial Planning Post-COVID

The coronavirus lockdowns provided somewhat of a time-out to sit and ponder priorities. You might be reassessing personal goals and aligning them with your financial …

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2022 Market Is Unstable: Act Now to Protect Your Wealth Financial Planning

How to Protect & Grow Your Wealth in Uncertain Times

Investors face many challenges posed by an unstable financial market in 2022. Now is always the best time to act to protect your wealth and …

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