Why Rock House?

Get on track to your best future.

As your success increases, you’d think money problems would go away.  Unfortunately, most people experience the opposite:  money stress can get worse.  Why?  You have more decisions to make.

Not only that, you have more to lose with each potential decision.  That’s why getting financial help is smart.

But there’s one important caveat…you need to find the right help.  Many advisors help with some of your needs, but not all, which can leave you not making the progress you want.

Rock House Financial was founded to provide you with a solution

Intensive Financial Planning for Better Results

Many firms will do financial planning for you…just not enough of it.

At Rock House, our financial planning is much more intensive. It is comprehensive, personalized and most importantly, continuous.  It’s not just a document that sits on your shelf…it’s a living, breathing road map to your ideal life.

That level of financial planning helps you get and stay on track to what you really want most in life.

Because doing it right is important, our financial planners are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals.  To earn this credential, an advisor must complete specialized financial planning education, pass a comprehensive exam and complete minimum experience requirements.  While there’s really no requirements to call yourself a “financial planner”, only those who have fulfilled the CFP Board’s rigorous requirements can call themselves a CFP® professional.

The other benefit of our serious approach to financial planning?  You’ll find that this process provides you profound peace of mind.  Your entire financial situation will be simplified and clear.  You’ll always know your next step, and you’ll have the Rock House team behind you for support and motivation.

“Money is not just about the numbers, it’s about everything it helps you do… take care of your family, feel secure, create experiences, serve others…”

Integrated Tax Planning

As your income grows, you’ll find yourself paying more taxes. But many advisors just leave tax conversations to you and your accountant. This leaves you paying more and keeps some great opportunities for savings out of reach.

At Rock House, we integrate tax planning into everything we do. So you can take advantage of opportunities to save on taxes. In today’s changing tax landscape, that’s critical to your success.

Yes, it’s hard work, and it requires us to stay informed about your tax situation. But through frequent analysis and the creation of long term tax strategies, the biggest gains can be made. So it’s worth it.

With our continuous tax planning, you could be saving significant amounts each year…which helps you reach your goals faster.

We’ll even coordinate directly with your accountant and/or attorney to make sure your chosen strategies are implemented correctly.

Integrated Estate Planning

Estate planning is critical because you need to protect your loved ones in case something happens to you. But there’s a whole other side of estate planning that can help you do even more.

Good estate planning can often provide you or your heirs significant tax savings. It can also help protect your personal assets from business creditors or unexpected litigation. This is critical for many business owners as well as professionals in high litigation businesses.

Estate planning is usually an afterthought for advisors, but at Rock House, it is integrated into our core services.

This can help you significantly if you sell a business or sell a highly appreciated piece of real estate, for example. The experts at Rock House can help you structure the sale using estate planning techniques so you can minimize the taxes you pay.

That’s why at Rock House, we say “talk to us first”.

In-House Investment Management

A big trend today with financial advisors is outsourcing management of your investments. So instead of you working with the person actually managing your money, it’s handled by someone you never meet.

While that’s usually quite profitable for the advisory group, we don’t believe it is good for you. That’s because the investment manager you never meet doesn’t know much about you…probably only your age and a general risk tolerance measure. This person doesn’t know what else you own, what you do for a living, what your other responsibilities are, and what your preferences are. This can result in too much, or too little, risk taken on your behalf.

At Rock House Financial, your investments are managed in house by our team. You sit across the table from your investment manager, so you can participate as much (or as little) as you want. Your investment strategy is explained to you in plain language so you can feel comfortable and confident about how your money is being managed.

This allows us to carefully control your risk so you’re not taking too much…or not enough.

If you think back to 2008, many people lost money, even those with advisors. That’s why risk control is critical…. and to control your risk properly, we believe your investment manager needs to have a clear line of communication with you.

The net result is less stress about your investments because anytime you are feeling unsure, you can talk to your investment manager. That can make a big difference to your peace of mind in volatile times and help you avoid expensive mistakes.

World Class Resources

Our team also brings you access to world-class resources. We continually comb the marketplace to bring you the best tools and technologies to:

Lower the costs of your investments
Help you diversify more effectively
Better control your risk
We also bring you great technology to keep you up to date and motivated to stay on track to reach your goals. This helps you feel organized and can bring you peace of mind in your busy life.

Transparent, Fee-Only and Independent

The financial industry is full of conflicts of interest: sales contests, commissions, hidden fees that are not disclosed. All in the name of appeasing shareholders or increasing firm profits.

Instead, our focus is on increasing your profits. That’s why at Rock House Financial, we’re completely independent and locally owned. So we’re not catering to shareholders or a corporate office. Our loyalty is only to you.

We’re also fiduciaries. That means that we always put your interests first. Seems basic, but surprisingly not all advisors are fiduciaries. The advice you receive may not even be in your best interest.

Additionally, you pay us with fees, not commissions. As a fee-only provider, we don’t have any motivation to “sell” you a product.

Instead, we are simply free to give you the best advice possible.

At Rock House Financial, we’re completely independent and locally owned. So we’re not catering to shareholders or a corporate office. Our loyalty is only to you.

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