Our Promise To You

Legally responsible to put your interests first.

“In today’s higher risk and low-interest rate environment, tax strategies are more important than ever to your long term financial security. If you’re not getting tax planning along with your financial planning and investments, you’re probably losing out on valuable opportunities. “

At Rock House Financial, we provide seamless, comprehensive care for your financial life.

And we do all of it without the conflicts of interest so common in the industry.

Did you know?

Someone using the title “financial advisor” or “wealth advisor” is not always required to put your interests first. It sounds strange, but it’s true.

There’s a term for this: it’s called Conflicted Advice. And unfortunately, it’s very common. According to a 2015 White House Task Force Report, conflicted advice costs Americans over $17 billion each year.

At Rock House, We’re Fiduciaries

We don’t believe conflicted advice is right for anyone. Instead, we act as your legal fiduciary. That means that we are legally responsible to put your interests first. You should demand that of anyone you hire.

But that’s just the start of our commitment to you:

  • We’ll help you get and stay organized financially so you feel in control
  • We’ll explain everything we do for you in plain language, not jargon, so it’s easy to understand
  • We’ll help you avoid the emotional money mistakes that most people make
  • We’ll help you make the most of opportunities, such as the sale of a business, or selling stock options
  • We’ll help you develop the habits that will help you achieve financial independence
  • We’ll always look for ways to reduce your income tax liability
  • We’ll use only time-tested, evidence-based strategies to manage your money
  • We’ll help you plan for and achieve each milestone in your financial plan.

Custodian Services

As independent advisors, we provide you with advice, but we do not take possession of your funds or assets. Instead, we choose to partner with large institutions that provide more advanced security capabilities to keep your money safe.

Our main custodial relationship is with E*TRADE Advisor Services. Through our partnership with E*Trade, you get advanced technology, security, and privacy benefits along with a strong history of safeguarding client assets.

Learn more about E*TRADE Advisor Services.

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