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Financial Analyst Rhett Sorensen

Rhett Sorensen Joins the Rock House Financial Team

Rhett Sorensen is Rock House Financial’s newest team member, joining the firm in January as a financial analyst.

Growing up in Kearns, Utah, Rhett has many memories of visiting Lagoon Amusement Park as a kid. Now, he gets to work across the street! Since he was young, Rhett enjoyed helping people and thought the best profession for helping people would be something medical. However, in college, he realized his passion was in finance. Upon discovering the profession of financial planning, where one gets to use finance to help people, he knew it was the job for him.

Rhett received a B.S. in Finance from Brigham Young University-Idaho. While there, he was very involved in the campus’ Wealth Management Society, where he acted as both Lead Advisor and President. He was also involved in the school’s financial mentoring program where he helped students with their goals to manage spending as well as plan to pay back student loans. Rhett has previous financial planning experience from past internships at an investment firm during his undergraduate, and most recently, with Charles Schwab. Along with his new role at Rock House Financial, Rhett is studying diligently for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation. Rhett is passionate about learning and expanding his knowledge so he can best serve clients.

As a financial analyst at Rock House Financial, Rhett will be working with the advisors to help them build financial plans and do research, as well as providing additional client support. Clients may see him in meetings taking notes or receive emails from him requesting information needed to help us give better advice on their plans. Behind the scenes, Rhett will be helping the team with in-depth analysis for tax planning, investment management, retirement income, etc.

When Rhett is not studying or working, he is enjoying time with his sweet wife, Rebekah. Together, they enjoy taking walks, watching movies, reading, eating yummy food, and listening to all kinds of music. Rebekah is a Certified Health Coach and is always getting after Rhett to stay active – even when he does not want to!

Help us welcome him to the Rock House Financial team.

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